Winged: Graphite drawing workshop

beginner, intermediate level

Class description

A graphite drawing workshop, a study focused on both form and texture of birds and wings, lead by artist Ingrid Blixt . She will show examples of her work and demonstrate her drawing technique on specially prepared wood surfaces perfect for a detailed fine line study. The wood panels are prepared with acrylic and plaster, suitable for a fine detailed drawing.

Participants may bring their own bird/wing/feather imagery to work from, making sure there are good detailed prints; otherwise the instructor will provide images.

Materials:  Lyra Graphite Crayon 9B, Lyra Water soluble Graphite Crayon 9B, Lyra Water soluble Graphite pencil 6B-9B, mechanical pencil 0.5 mm 2B, General’s Factis Soap Eraser, prepared  wood surface.