Mixed Media: Image transfers workshop

beginner level

Class description

A resourceful workshop focusing on image transfers on different surfaces using inkjet prints and acrylic mediums. Using your own art/photography we will be transferring the images onto wood panels and paper, finishing the artworks with acrylic paints and water based stains.
Participants must provide their own imagery to use in this project. The images will have to be inkjet prints, printed on transparencies (printable clear plastic sheets). Do not worry, if you do not have capabilities to print your own images just mention it when you register for the class and you will be able to email your images to the instructor so the prints will be all ready for you at the workshop.


If you are able to print your own images on transparencies, here are the image sizes we will be working with:
– two 6”x6” prints (one print is for backup in case there is a mishap at the first try)
– 4 aceo size (2.5”x3.5 ) prints (they can be all different images)

If you need any help with printing the images, you can let me know when registering for the workshop and I will print out the images for you. Specs for the images you will email:
– all images in jpg format
– one image 6”x6” (if image is larger, it will be cropped to 6”x6”) at minimum 150dpi
– four 2.5”x3.5” images with minimum of 150dpi

Materials:  6”x6” wood panel, four aceo size illustration boards, Golden fluid matte acrylic medium, ink, stain, acrylics